A large amount of our customers ask why they should have their new vehicles detailed. Unfortunately the majority of new vehicles don’t leave the dealerships in the best condition or with any type of protection, meaning your new vehicle may not look as best as it can.

Many people assume that their new car does not need to be detailed. This is far from the truth. The real question is; what level of detailing does a new car need? Many new cars leave the factory with minor paint imperfections such as dirt specks, run lines, or sanding marks. They are also transported to dealerships across the country by truck or train where they pick up contaminates like road dirt or rail dust along the way. Once they arrive at the dealership these new cars are washed or detailed.
Unfortunately, most dealerships do not employ professional detailers therefore, improper techniques are often used causing more damage to the paint. If you’re lucky enough to get a new car that didn’t incur these conditions then the only thing it needs is protection. This is also true after the aforementioned conditions are corrected by a professional detailer such as myself. This is what my Premium Detail service was designed for. First I will thoroughly wash, dry and clay your new vehicle and perform an inspection to identify any imperfections in the paint that will need correction.
Finally, I treat the upholstery with a protectant that is water resistant allowing easy cleanup of spills and repels dirt. A new car is an investment. With this in mind, you should consider detailing your new car an investment as well.  Investments need to be protected, so, the better protected your investment is the longer it will last you. Consider protecting your new car with my Ultimate Protection service, a defense system for your new car.

Here at DETAILD Automotive Detailing, we offer our new car ceramic protection packages to ensure that your new vehicle is prepared and protected to the best standards.

Our new car protection package includes:

  • Single stage machine polish
  • GTECHNIQ ceramic paint coating
  • Glass hydrophobic coating
  • Interior and leather protection

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